You Know What They Say… “When Mom is Happy…”


I can relate to having A LOT of “stuff” going on this time of the year. Winter is Fun and busy at the same time. I have to tell you that taking time for myself is my way of “recharging”. I used to think “How can I possibly do something for myself with EVERYTHING else I do!”, but now I know that I can’t afford NOT to do these things. Here are some of my favorites:

Have unopened wine? Have a wine tasting party, in your own home!

Invite your friends for a night of new wine, stories, and laughs. Everyone brings either a cheap wine they have yet to try, or an unopened wine just lying around the house. Have a tasting night! Make small plates of food and the wine is taken care of. It’s inexpensive and is a recipe for a great night for the adults or even just your girlfriends!

Chick flick

Taking and hour and a half to just laugh at your favorite chick flick could never fail you. Laughing in general is proven to brighten your whole mood. Take sometime and find the funny things in your hectic day.

Bath and a magazine

Whether it is when your kids go off to school or a friend’s house, before running out the door to do your errands, take some time for yourself. Draw yourself a bath, grab your favorite magazine and take some deep breaths. This will slow your brain down from the ‘go go go’ mentality. Letting yourself think for a moment will help you not explode at the end of the day.


Take an hour out of your day, and run or walk. Get the kids involved or go alone. It will let off steam and make you feel accomplished and great after!

Write about it!

If you are stressed out, write about it, it will help. If you keep your feelings in, it will only hurt you in the long run. You will take it out on your kids, your husband, or even insistent bystanders. When your best girlfriends aren’t around to hash it out, grab your special notebook and write.

Do your own nails.

Want a manicure, but don’t have the money, do it yourself. If you just want a pick me up, get a vibrant color and go at it! It will make you feel fresh and new, just like you stepped out of the spa, even if you aren’t feeling it at the moment.

Take a mental health day

Take a day in your Pajamas. It will feel great. Wait for a rainy day and let the kids know it is PJ day. Movies, PJ’s, breakfast in bed! The kids will absolutely love it and so will you! Even have naptime thrown in there. A whole day of relaxation does wonders.

Pick once a month and volunteer for your town.

Not only will it give you an hour or so out of the house, it will make you feel grateful of the life you have, and it will show the kids that even a little goes a long way. You can never take a day for granted!

Go with the flow

We know there is so much going on, from practices, play dates, homework, dinner, est.… but take a moment to release the tension in your body and don’t be so uptight. Go with the flow! Getting stressed over the little things will only create wrinkles. Who wants wrinkles? No one. So relax, take a deep breath, and help the kids make a sand castle.

Share your interests and passions with your kids

With how fast the day moves from when the kids get home from school to when you get them to bed, it is easy to lose focus on what you really have a passion in. Have an afternoon where you can share your interest and passions with your kids; in return they can show you theirs. It will remind you that you have a life outside your kids and it is great to show them your world.

Play Laser Tag

Get your kids and/or friends together and come out for a night of FUN. Laser tag can be ENERGIZING, CHALLENGING, STRATEGIC & ADDICTING!

Be sure to check in with us on facebook if you have ideas you would like us to share. Remember… When mom is happy…. Everyone is happy. =)

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